Move Freely,
Live Fully.

Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Hip & Knee Replacement.

Meet Bruce:
Total Hip Patient

"Dr. Rajaee's precision and unwavering dedication transformed my hip surgery journey. In a matter of weeks, discomfort gave way to pain-free walking. His early morning call and the attentive post-op care were crucial in ensuring a seamless recovery. Thanks to Dr. Rajaee, I've reclaimed an active, pain-free life that seemed out of reach before."
Personalized Approach

As a Harvard-trained and board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rajaee meticulously tailors treatments to your individual needs. Expect not only compassionate care and expeditious recovery, but also the highest level of excellence in your outcome.

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Technical Precision

Top surgical precision achieved through state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the utmost technical excellence in each procedure including robotics and computer navigation techniques.

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Accelerated Healing

Experience accelerated healing as we prioritize rapid recovery protocols so you can swiftly get back to the daily activities and life that you love, with a renewed sense of vitality.

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Meet Pearl:
Total Knee Patient

"Dr. Rajaee's honesty and reassuring approach won my trust. As a civil rights activist with a full calendar, his expertise and commitment were crucial. Post-surgery, I'm grateful for the newfound freedom. Dr. Rajaee's genuine care and straightforward approach set him apart from the rest I could have chosen. Trust him with your orthopedic journey – I wouldn't choose anyone else!"

About Dr. Rajaee

Learn more about Dr. Rajaee’s background, education, and how he is advancing the practice of technology-driven orthopaedic surgery for his patients in the Los Angeles, California.

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What We Offer

Are you looking for a knee or hip replacement surgeon in Los Angeles? Click below to learn more about Dr. Rajaee’s specialties and how he can help get you back to your active lifestyle.

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Patient Testimonials

"There are not enough stars for Dr Rajaee's patience, courtesy, thorough pre-op examination, advice, and followthrough. Most importantly, his skill with the newer anterior technique, which enabled me to return home the same day as my surgery, and to walk pain-free from the outset, and without a walker or cane even just two weeks later. Incredible job, wonderful people, the entire experience was best case scenario."

Jill Spalding
San Diego, CA

Dr Rajaee's total hip replacement on my body was a perfect process from start to finish. I have eternal gratitude to God and to the Doctor Rajaee for this successful surgery which is now allowing me to live and enjoy my life without pain, with freedom of movement and total fulfillment, just like I used to years ago! It's not hanging over my head anymore, thank you Dr. Rajaee!

Ramond Blandon
Los Angeles, CA

I served 21 years in the United States Navy as a SeaBee in a Combat Construction unit as a builder and I had to have a hip replacement done. So came here to Cedars Sinai to have my surgery. I was Seen by Dr. Sean Rajaee and he has done a wonderful job with my new hip replacement. I'd like to thank you Dr. Rajaee for relieving my pain and giving me a new hip, I feel great!

Derek H.
Inglewood, CA

Dr. Rajaee successfully performed my sons’ hip replacement surgery (and it was a complicated one). Everyone associated with his office was nothing short of fabulous & amazing!!! We were treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Quite refreshing in this day and age when customer service can be nonexistent in so many facilities - Dr. Rajaee and his staff exudes empathy. Thanks a million doctor 👏👏

Debbie Castillo
Los Angeles, CA

"I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Rajaee and he was great. Everything from start to finish was first class. He answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable, and my recovery is well ahead of schedule. He's also the type of doctor who sees you at your scheduled appointment time (doesn't make you wait 45 minutes in a waiting room for no reason). I would highly recommend him for any orthopedic needs."

James A.
Los Angeles, CA

"As a physical therapist I have been working with some of Dr. Rajaee's patients over the past couple of months. When I evaluate these patients, they are well informed about their condition, which is a testament to the time and care Dr. Rajaee has for each person he is treating. As a physical therapist it is refreshing to find a doctor who believes in conservative measures first and is willing to try less invasive/non-invasive treatments."

Mike S.
Los Angeles, CA

Meet Laura:
Total Knee Patient

"Enduring silent pain, my knee finally found relief with Dr. Rajaee during a transformative knee replacement in April 2023. His impeccable care surpassed all of my expectations. Because of Dr. Rajaee and the exceptional experience, I can now cherish moments with my 13-month-old grandson every weekend like nothing happened."